Funerals at Faith Lutheran Church

The death of a baptized Christian, one who has lived in the communion of the church, is an occasion for thanksgiving and the proclamation of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Every activity surrounding such a death and burial should point to the good news of the gospel.

For pastoral care and to help in planning, the pastor should be notified immediately upon the death of a member of the congregation. No plans for the funeral should be made apart from consultation with the pastor and appropriate parish staff. When possible, it is a good idea to plan the funeral liturgy well before the death of a Christian to avoid planning during a time of grieving. Such planning offers an occasion for the pastor to talk seriously about the Christian hope of the resurrection of the dead through Jesus Christ.  Please contact Pastor Albertson if you are interested in pre-planning.

Christians will strive to keep the gospel hope of the resurrection at the center of all observances associated with the death of a Christian. Because the church understands the Burial of the Dead to be a service of worship to God through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, it does not allow social or fraternal societies to introduce rites or ceremonies into its liturgy. These ceremonies should not be mingled with the church’s worship of God either in the church building or in any other setting (such as a funeral home, mortuary, or at the graveside). Military honors and fraternal tributes and rites should be kept separate from the funeral and committal services of the church.

To review the basic structure of the funeral service and to review a list of suggested hymns for funerals, please download the funeral template.  If you have any needs relating to a funeral, please do not hesitate to contact us and may God's peace fill you and renew your hope in the resurrection.

For information on the grieving process, please see this new resource.

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