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Are you new to prayer? Check out this link to learn more.  It’s a great resource for learning ways to talk to God.

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Daily Devotions

Family Devotions

Adapted from Frogs Without Legs Can’t Hear by Anderson and Hill, pg. 148-149.

  • When you awake say the following as you inhale: “The Lord is my Shepherd.” When you exhale say, “I shall not want.”
  • When you wash in the bathroom look in the mirror as you splash water on your face and say, “I am God’s child through my baptism.”
  • At your breakfast time say prayers and take a minute for a brief reading of a psalm or other scripture.
  • Create a family departure ritual - something you say each day as you leave the house or car. For example you might say, “Be a blessing today.”
  • Say a mealtime prayer before you eat.
  • After a meal use a devotional resource such as the Bible, devotional book, or FaithTalk Cards.
  • At a time when you are usually together or before bed, read a Bible story together aloud with spouse, friends, children or grandchildren.
  • At the end of the day pray with each family member as they lie down to rest. You can do this activity if you live alone as well. The please, sorry, thank you prayer model works wonderfully. Begin by identifying things you want to ask of God (please), then pray about things you regret (sorry), and then pray for things you are thankful for (thank you).
  • Prayer while on a walk in the neighborhood or out in nature is invigorating for the body, mind and soul.
  • Use special occasions like holidays, beginning or ending a vacation, sending a loved one off to a new venture, and life cycle transitions as opportunities to explore the powerful bond you have with others through prayer, Scripture, conversation, rituals and traditions.
  • Sing a hymn or Sunday School Song while riding in your car or listen to a hymn or Sunday School Song CD.
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